Demolition of huge structures is perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs for our industrial demolition contractors. The magnitude and scale of the job make it extremely demanding and technically challenging. At Total Demolition Brisbane, our focus is to tackle the job using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology, an expert demolition crew, and a passion for perfection. At Total Demolition Brisbane, we can accomplish demolitions safely and successfully since we are fully focused and skilled at doing the job. We endeavour to set new benchmarks in terms of demolition contracting as well as pursuing excellence in the industry. If you are looking for a professional demolition contractor that’s capable of getting the work done in a quick, safe, and clean way and at affordable rates, you should look no further than Total Demolition Brisbane. You will not be disappointed.




Brisbane Industrial Demolition Services

industrial demolition brisbaneAre you wrestling with the complexities of industrial demolition in Brisbane? We know your struggles because we’ve faced them, too. With over a decade’s worth of experience in offering comprehensive demolition services to multiple industries, we have honed our strategies to address common issues effectively.

In the following information, we lay out our process step by step and offer insights into how leading companies trust us with their toughest demolitions. Let’s unbuild together!

Industrial Demolition Services Offered

When it comes to industrial demolition services in Brisbane, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. From civil structures and warehouses to chemical and petrochemical plants, marine structures, power and mining infrastructure, as well as asbestos removal, our expert team has the expertise and experience to handle any project with the utmost professionalism.

Civil Structures

At the heart of our industrial demolition services in Brisbane, we specialise in dismantling civil structures. Our expert team is adept at handling a varied range of constructions including bridges, tunnels and public works.

Using cutting-edge technology paired with established methodologies, we ensure efficient deconstruction that minimises environmental impact. Safety remains paramount throughout every job as we work towards transforming your site and paving the way for new possibilities.


Our team offers leading industrial demolition services in Brisbane, specializing in a comprehensive range of facilities, including warehouses. A warehouse demolition is no small feat – it requires robust planning, specialized machinery and the utmost safety measures.

As veteran experts in the industry, we navigate these complex processes with precision and efficiency.

We carry out each project by first developing a bespoke strategy to ensure minimal disruption to ongoing operations or neighbouring areas. Our steps involve comprehensive site assessment and obtaining necessary permits before proceeding with the actual demolition work.

With our commitment to environmental best practices, waste from the demolished warehouses is managed effectively for recycling purposes where possible. Trust us at Total Demolition Brisbane; your premier demolition contractor Bin risbane can rely on for seamless execution!

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

In the field of industrial demolition services in Brisbane, we’ve established a strong reputation for our expertise in demolishing chemical and petrochemical plants. Each project is handled with utmost professionalism, utilising state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques to ensure safety and efficiency at every stage of the process.

We understand that these types of facilities pose unique challenges due to potentially hazardous materials present. You can trust our team’s extensive experience, rigorous safety protocols, and meticulous planning approach to dismantle such complex structures efficiently while adhering strictly to industry regulations.

Offering solutions tailored to your specific needs, we are committed to delivering premium demolition services throughout Brisbane.

Marine Structures

At Total Demolition Brisbane, we specialize in industrial demolition services, including the demolition of marine structures. Our experienced team is equipped to handle the dismantling and removal of various marine structures, such as piers, docks, wharves, and offshore platforms.

We understand the unique challenges that come with working in marine environments, and we have the expertise and equipment necessary to safely complete these projects.

When it comes to demolishing marine structures, our process begins with a thorough site assessment to determine the best approach for dismantling and removing the structure. Safety is always our top priority, so we take into consideration factors such as water conditions, access points, and potential environmental impacts.

Additionally, our team will work closely with local authorities to obtain any necessary permits and approvals required for the project. We are well-versed in complying with all relevant regulations surrounding marine demolition activities.

Once on-site, our skilled technicians will implement stringent safety measures to ensure a smooth and incident-free demolition process. From proper containment of debris to controlled implosions or deconstruction methods depending on the specific structure requirements – every precaution is taken to minimize disruption while prioritizing safety.

Throughout the demolition process, we also focus on waste management and recycling efforts. We strive to recycle materials whenever possible to reduce environmental impact.

Power & Mining Infrastructure

At our Industrial Demolition Brisbane company, we also specialize in providing demolition services for power and mining infrastructure. We understand the unique challenges that come with dismantling these types of structures, including power plants, substations, mining facilities, and more.

With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can safely and efficiently handle the demolition process from start to finish.

When it comes to power and mining infrastructure demolition, safety is always our top priority. Our team of highly trained professionals follows strict protocols to ensure that all necessary safety measures are in place before any work begins.

From securing permits to implementing proper waste management practices, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting both people and the environment.

You can trust us as your go-to industrial demolition contractor in Brisbane because we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for leading companies in Queensland.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Asbestos Removal

At Total Demolition Brisbane, we understand the importance of asbestos removal in ensuring a safe and healthy environment. With our expertise in industrial demolition services, we also specialize in efficient and effective asbestos removal.

Asbestos is a hazardous material commonly found in older structures and buildings, posing significant risks to human health if not handled properly. Rest assured, our team of experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience to safely identify, remove and dispose of asbestos-containing materials in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

We prioritize the safety of both our workers and clients throughout the entire process, ensuring that no harm or contamination occurs during the removal process. Trust us for all your industrial demolition needs including asbestos removal – contact us today for an obligation-free quote!

Our Demolition Process

industrial demolition processOur demolition process is carefully planned and executed to ensure efficiency, safety, and minimal disruption. We begin with a thorough site assessment and planning stage, followed by obtaining the necessary permits and approvals.

Safety measures and precautions are paramount throughout the entire process. Our skilled team then carries out the demolition and removal of materials, while also prioritizing waste management and recycling.

Trust us to handle your industrial demolition needs with professionalism and expertise.

Step One: Site assessment and planning

At Total Demolition Brisbane, we understand that every demolition project starts with a thorough site assessment and meticulous planning. Our experienced team of experts carefully evaluates the site to identify any potential risks or challenges before designing a strategic plan tailored to your specific needs.

This includes assessing the structural integrity of the building, determining the best methods for demolition, and analyzing environmental factors. By taking this proactive approach, we can ensure that your project runs smoothly and safely from start to finish.

With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to handle all aspects of your industrial demolition with precision and expertise. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote tailored to your requirements.

Step Two: Obtaining necessary permits and approvals

At Industrial Demolition Brisbane, we understand that obtaining the necessary permits and approvals is a crucial part of any demolition project. We take care of this process to ensure everything is done legally and in compliance with local regulations. Here’s how we handle it:

  1. We begin by thoroughly researching the specific requirements and regulations related to your demolition project. This includes understanding any environmental, safety, or heritage considerations.
  2. Our team then prepares all the required documentation, including completing permit applications and gathering any supporting documents needed for approval.
  3. We submit these applications to the relevant authorities on your behalf, ensuring accuracy and adherence to all guidelines.
  4. Throughout the approval process, we actively communicate with the authorities and provide any additional information or clarification required.
  5. Once we receive the necessary permits and approvals, we move forward with scheduling the demolition work according to your timeline and project goals.

Step Three: Ensuring safety measures and precautions

At Total Demolition Brisbane, we understand the importance of safety when it comes to our demolition services. We prioritize the well-being of our team members, clients, and the surrounding environment. Here are the safety measures and precautions we take during every demolition project:

  1. Conducting thorough site assessments: Before starting any demolition work, we carefully assess the site to identify any potential hazards or risks. This allows us to develop a comprehensive plan that ensures everyone’s safety.
  2. Implementing proper signage and barriers: To maintain a safe work zone, we use clear signage and sturdy barriers around the demolition area. This helps to prevent unauthorized access and keeps people at a safe distance.
  3. Providing protective gear for our team: Our skilled demolition experts are always equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, and steel-toed boots. This gear protects them from potential injuries during the demolition process.
  4. Following industry best practices: We strictly adhere to all relevant industry regulations and guidelines throughout every stage of the demolition process. This includes using proper machinery, tools, and techniques to minimize risks.
  5. Employing trained professionals: Our team consists of experienced professionals who have undergone rigorous training in safety procedures. They have extensive knowledge of handling hazardous materials and working in high-risk environments.
  6. Regular inspections and maintenance of equipment: We conduct regular inspections on our equipment to ensure they are in optimal working condition. This proactive approach reduces the risk of accidents caused by malfunctioning machinery.
  7. Proper waste management: As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we have established effective waste management protocols. We dispose of debris responsibly while ensuring that recyclable materials are separated for proper recycling.
  8. Monitoring air quality during asbestos removal: If there is asbestos present on-site, we take extra precautions by monitoring air quality throughout the removal process. This ensures that both our team members and nearby residents are protected from harmful asbestos fibres.

Step Four: Demolition and removal of materials

At Total Demolition Brisbane, we understand that the demolition and removal of materials is a crucial step in any industrial demolition project. Our experienced team follows a meticulous process to ensure efficient and safe demolition while adhering to environmental regulations. Here’s how we handle this important stage:

  1. Careful dismantling: We start by carefully dismantling the structure, taking into consideration the type of materials used and any potential hazards. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure precision and minimize any damage.
  2. Safe waste removal: Once the structure is taken apart, we focus on removing the debris and waste materials from the site. Our team follows strict safety protocols to protect both our workers and the environment during this process.
  3. Recycling and disposal: We are committed to sustainable practices, which is why we prioritize recycling whenever possible. We separate recyclable materials from non-recyclable ones, ensuring that they are disposed of responsibly according to local regulations.
  4. Efficient cleanup: After removing all debris, our team conducts a thorough cleanup of the site. We leave no trace behind, ensuring that the area is ready for its next purpose or development.

Step Five: Waste management and recycling

At Total Demolition Brisbane, we prioritize responsible waste management and recycling as part of our demolition process. We believe in doing our part to minimize the environmental impact of our work. Here’s how we handle waste management and recycling:

  1. Sorting and segregation: We carefully sort and segregate different types of waste materials during the demolition process. This allows us to identify recyclable materials such as metals, concrete, wood, and plastics.
  2. Recycling partnerships: We have established partnerships with local recycling facilities and waste management companies in Brisbane. These partnerships enable us to efficiently transport recyclable materials for processing and ensure they are reused in future projects or turned into new products.
  3. Waste disposal compliance: We strictly adhere to all local regulations regarding waste disposal. Any non-recyclable materials produced during the demolition process are transported to approved landfill sites for proper disposal.
  4. Minimizing landfill waste: Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills as much as possible. By prioritizing recycling and sustainable practices, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment.
  5. Continuous improvement: We continuously evaluate our waste management and recycling processes to find ways to improve efficiency and sustainability. By staying updated on industry best practices, we can implement new strategies that further reduce our environmental footprint.

Trusted by Leading Companies in Queensland

Total Demolition Brisbane vehiclesAt Total Demolition Brisbane, we take immense pride in being trusted by leading companies throughout South-East Queensland. Our track record speaks for itself, with a long list of satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their industrial demolition needs.

We have built strong relationships with these companies by consistently delivering high-quality results on time and within budget.

Our team of experts is experienced and highly skilled in handling all types of projects, from civil structures to warehouses, chemical plants to marine structures, power infrastructure to mining sites.

We understand the complexities involved in each project and work closely with our clients to ensure that every detail is taken care of.

Safety is always our top priority at Total Demolition Brisbane. We adhere to strict safety measures and precautions throughout the entire process. From site assessment and planning to obtaining necessary permits and approvals, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the safety of our workers, clients, and the surrounding environment.

Once demolition begins, our skilled team efficiently carries out the removal of materials while adhering to waste management and recycling practices. We take responsibility for disposing of waste properly so as not to cause any harm or damage.

It’s no wonder that many leading companies in Queensland choose Industrial Demolition Brisbane for their industrial demolition needs. Our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors in the industry.

Contact us today for an obligation-free quote or consultation regarding your next industrial demolition project. Let us show you why we are trusted by leading companies across Queensland!

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At Total Demolition Brisbane, we take pride in offering top-notch demolition services to our valued customers. From civil structures and warehouses to chemical plants and marine structures, we have the expertise to handle any industrial demolition project with utmost precision.

Our dedicated team ensures a seamless demolition process, from site assessment and planning to waste management and recycling. Trust the leading demolition company in Queensland for all your industrial demolition needs.

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1. What is industrial demolition in Brisbane?

Industrial demolition in Brisbane refers to the process of dismantling or deconstructing large structures, such as factories, warehouses, or commercial buildings, in the Brisbane area. It involves carefully planning and executing the removal of these structures while adhering to safety regulations and environmental considerations.

2. How long does an industrial demolition project typically take?

The duration of an industrial demolition project can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the structure being demolished, any site-specific challenges that may arise, and the availability of resources. However, on average, an industrial demolition project in Brisbane can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete.

3. What steps are involved in an industrial demolition project?

An industrial demolition project typically follows a systematic approach that includes initial assessment and planning, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, implementing safety measures and mitigation strategies, conducting structural engineering surveys if required, and carrying out controlled dismantling or explosives-based methods for demolishing the structure safely while minimizing disruption to neighbouring areas.

4. Is it necessary to hire a professional company for industrial demolition?

Yes! It is highly recommended to hire a professional company specializing in industrial demolition for several reasons. Firstly, they possess the expertise and experience needed to handle complex projects safely and efficiently while adhering to all legal requirements. Secondly, they have access to specialized equipment specifically designed for large-scale demolitions. Lastly hiring professionals ensures compliance with health & safety regulations reducing any potential risks associated with DIY attempts at demolishing heavy-duty infrastructure