5 Reasons Why a Building Needs To Be Demolished

5 Reasons Why a Building Needs To Be Demolished

There are times when maintaining a property is no longer worth the effort. If you’ve had your building checked and and it has more violations than your fingers can count, it may be time to consider demolishing it and starting anew. A smart property owner knows better than keeping a building that’s just draining his or her bank account.
It’s important to know that there are two types of demolitions: complete and partial demolition. The former, as the name implies, refers to tearing down the entire structure completely. Meanwhile, partial demolition involves tearing down some parts of the building while preserving the foundations to make room for remodelling.

Why Demolish?
Why Demolish?

Owners have different reasons as to why they want their building demolished. Here are some of them:

  1. Increase Property Value
    One of the most effective ways of increasing a property’s value is through demolishing the existing building in the lot. For instance, if the building looks old and abandoned and you can’t find any more reason to keep it erected then you should consider having it demolished. Instead of letting the property go to waste, tearing down an old structure and replacing it with a new one can help increase its market value that is if you’re planning to sell it.
  2. The Foundation is Faulty
    Building owners usually have the choice of tearing the building down when they’re told that their buildings have weak foundations. It’s important to remember that the foundation is what keeps buildings viable. Buildings with poor planning are the best example for this. Overtime, the foundations can become brittle, floors become uneven, and excessive moisture can develop in a lot of areas. When these problems surface on a building, owners eventually decide to have it taken down rather than renovate.
  3. The Building is Old
    Old buildings also tend to develop weaker foundations because of the fact that the materials used in constructing it may have degraded to the point that it can no longer hold the structure together. Even if that isn’t the case, most old buildings may look good on the outside but may have a lot of underlying problems such as poor ventilation and/or problems with the plumbing. Old buildings are also prone to moisture because of leaks which could attract mould.
    If you’re a business owner who’s looking to expand to a new location with a pre-existing old building, you may need to have it checked by a building inspector to know whether it’s worth keeping or not. If you find out that renovating it might cost more than constructing a new building, demolishing the old building may be a better idea.
  4. The Building Made Up of Hazardous Materials or Insects/Animals
    Asbestos, lead, mercury, and polychlorinated biphenyls are just some of the toxic chemicals that can cause a negative effect on the health of a person. When these substances are found in a building, a part of it may need to be taken down. However, the owner must hire professionals to handle the removal of the hazardous materials and substances to ensure that the process will be properly handled and the materials will be disposed accordingly.
    Moreover, abandoned buildings and houses are also great homes for termites, bees, rats, and other critters. In this case, an exterminator should be contacted immediately. But if the problem is severe and cannot be solved by extermination, it may be time to call in a demolition team.
  5. Owner is Planning to Sell the Vacant Lot
    If the building on the lot is in a poor-condition, then it may be more reasonable to just tear it down before putting the property on sale. There’s a higher chance that your lot might become more profitable as it is than with a building standing on it. There are a lot of people who are planning on building a custom house and a vacant lot with a great location might just be what they’re looking for.

One of the many benefits of demolitions is that it’s cost-effective. By hiring the right team, you’ll be assured that the process will go smoothly. While others may find demolition to be a great solution to their construction problems, it’s still better to ask an expert for their opinion and ask about the options you have.

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