National Federation of Demolition Contractors | What Comes Next

National Federation of Demolition Contractors | What Comes Next

What we Know

The all important annual meeting of the DCA happened in Cumbernauld earlier this year, which brought together those representing a total of over 20 demolition independent contractors from all over Scotland. Which is small in comparison considering the DCA states on it’s website that they have many forms of membership including “Corporate Membership for demolition contractors and ISP Membership for industries supporting the demolition industry”[4]

This newer organization was set under the supervision of the SBF, or the Scottish Building Federation; and was not a regional branch or part the United Kingdom NFDC, or the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, which there are quite a few of former Scottish demolition companies that have already enrolled as members.[5]

The Demolition Contractors’ Association (DCA), who has James Caldwell leading them as the chair of the Glasgow based JCJ Demo. & Con. which is also currently listed as a member of the NFDC.[6]

Big Changes on the Way?

The beginning of the DCA, or the Demolition Contractors’ Association, comes after recent announcements regarding the planned huge demolition project of sky scrapers across the city.[2] Most notably, there was a commitment by the North Lanarkshire Council to eliminate around four thousand blocks, for the purpose of making way for smaller buildings planned over the next 20 years.

Caldwell of the DCA stated: “There are many popular misconceptions about the demolition sector. In reality, it is a sector that consistently adheres to the highest standards of health and safety and professional practice while also offering excellent long term career prospects.” He went on to say that with a continued efforts to bring Scotland’s infrastructure up to date is a crucial part of Scottland’s construction efforts.

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